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Sarah Glines


Sarah Elizabeth Glines (Millett)

Sarah was born August 13, 1830 in Franklin, Merrimack, New Hampshire (or Peterborough, NH) to James Pearson Glines and Ruth Brown. Her oldest brother, James Harvey Glines, probably the first in the family to become Mormon, had moved to Nauvoo before 1845 (where he married Elizabeth Ann Mayer) and migrated to Utah in 1852, with his wife and children.

According to the 1850 Census of Manchester, Hillsborough, NH Sarah was living with two older brothers (Dearborn and Humphrey Glines), a future sister-in-law, and several other young adults in one household (apparently to pool their meager resources). Her father, James, is listed as living in the Poor House in Franklin, NH, and he died there one year later. Location of mother unknown (although allegedly she survived until 1868.) Sarah's younger sister, Mary Jane, was in Lowell in 1850, working there as a mill operative (see Lowell 1850 Census, p. 447). Mary Jane remained in Lowell the rest of her life. She married Thomas Perley, a brick mason from Canada, there in 1855, and they raised a large family in Lowell.

Sarah followed her sister Mary Jane to Lowell, for she married Joseph Millett or Millet on March 26, 1854 in Lowell. The couple then left for Utah. Their first child, Artimus Millett, was born June 21, 1855 in Marquette, Iowa and he died two months later. The grieving mother then migrated to Utah with her husband in the Second Wagon Company of the Canute Peterson Company comprised of mostly Scandinavian Saints and a few U.S. citizens, arriving in Salt Lake mid-September, 1856.

She and Joseph had nine children total, born all over Utah and Nevada:

  1. Artimus Millett (born June 21, 1855 in Marquette, Jackson, Iowa; died August 22, 1855)
  2. Aldurah Artemissia Millett (born December 1, 1856 in Manti, Utah; died March 28, 1869)
  3. Joseph Millett Jr. (born November 16, 1858 in Manti, Utah; died August 14, 1931 in Cane Beds, Arizona)
  4. Sarah Elizabeth Millett (born May 9, 1861 in Gunnison, Utah; died August 12, 1889 in Springdale, Utah)
  5. Byron Glines Millett (born March 1, 1863 in Gunnison, died April 5, 1900 in Rockville, Utah)
  6. Mary Josephine Millett (born June 21, 1864 in Gunnison; died June 13, 1949 in Seattle, Washington)
  7. George Alma Millett (born May 15, 1868 in Gunnison; died September 17, 1947 in Cedar City, Utah)
  8. Araanah Ruth Millett (born September 8, 1870 in Spring Valley, Nevada; died May 14, 1961 in Springdale, Utah)
  9. Marion Martin Millett (born August 10, 1872 in Little Spring Valley, Nev; died August 11, 1925 in Cedar City, Utah)

Joseph married his only plural wife, Ane Elene Petra Petersen in July 1863.

Sarah died in Springdale, Utah on October 4, 1889.

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