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This site has biographical and genealogical data collected over the past two decades on all the citizens of Lowell, Massachusetts and environs who participated in the Lowell Branch of the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). The information was compiled by Martha Mayo, Director of the Center for Lowell History, and by me, Connell O'Donovan, an independent researcher and historian of early Mormonism. Although Martha Mayo has been gracious enough to share her research with me, I alone am responsible for the content of this website.

To view these biographies, click on one of the lists above in the green banner (Women, Men, Children, or Missionaries) to go to a list of names.

Newly designed website! But it's still under construction. To date, I have only posted biographies on about 3/4 of the women. Bios on the men, children and missionaries will follow.

To see an out-dated (and sometimes inaccurate) version that does include everyone, see my old Lowell Members site.

Also check out the Boston Mormons site.

Why Lowell?
Lowell has been called "the New Jerusalem on the Merrimack" because it was the first Christian-based, socially-engineered city in America, designed by a group of wealthy Bostonians in the 1820s to employ single young women (now known as "the Lowell mill girls"). The women (and some men) came from all over New England to work in this safe, clean, industrial utopia, turning raw Southern cotton into finished and printed cotton cloth for export all over the world, bringing the newly-created United States of America into the world marketplace.

Lowell helped birth various socio-economic movements such as industrialization, Capitalism, abolition, and feminism; and early Mormons in Lowell participated in these movements, in turn carrying some of their idea(l)s into Mormonism.

For more on the importance and history of Lowell, see the Wikipedia article on this fascinating and beautiful city.

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