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Sarah Ann Libby


Sarah Ann Libby (Smith Smith)

Sarah Ann was born on May 7, 1818 to Nathaniel and Tirzah Lord Libby, in Ossipee, Grafton, New Hampshire. Lowell Institute for Savings Bank Records show that Sarah Libby was a carder in 1841. Her family records also document that she was a pastry cook for one of the boarding houses in Lowell.

Sarah and her little sister both married William Smith, and after his excommunication, they married his cousin George Albert Smith (see Hannah's entry for details).

Sarah Libby Smith Smith's only child, John Henry Smith, was born on the trek to Utah, near Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1848. Sarah had been an invalid for years and was cared for by her sister Hannah in Salt Lake, where she died on June 12, 1851. Little John was then raised by his aunt Hannah. John became an apostle who married Sarah Farr, niece of Aaron and Persis Atherton Farr. John Henry and Sarah Farr Smith's son, also named George Albert Smith, became president of the LDS Church in 1945.

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