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Orpha Hopkins


Orpha Brown Hopkins (Davis)

She was born July 15, 1815 in Grantham, Cheshire, NH to Abram Hopkins and Mary Brown.  Orpha married Eliakim Spooner Davis on October 18, 1841 in Lowell.

They had seven children, all born in Lowell:

    1. George Augustus Davis (born August 22, 1842 in Lowell; died June 10, 1921 in Vernal Utah)
    2. Helen Marie Davis (born October 29, 1844 in Lowell; died August 3, 1896)
    3. Charles Hopkins Davis (born December 19, 1846 in Lowell)
    4. Mary Elizabeth Davis (born May 2, 1848 in Lowell)
    5. Emily Davis (born Novembe 13, 1852 in Lowell; died October 2, 1853 in Lowell)
    6. Ida Lucinda Davis (born September 9, 1855 in Lowell)
    7. Emma Jane Davis (born November 3, 1857 in Lowell)

Eliakim Davis was an Elder in the Mormon Church and he served as Branch President of Lowell. They were in Lowell in 1860 for the census and then migrated to Utah soon thereafter, as they were in Milton, Utah in 1861. Orpha Brown Hopkins Davis then died February 10, 1863 in Milton, Morgan, Utah. After her death, the family seems to have abandoned Mormonism, except the eldest child, George Augustus Davis.

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