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Jane Davis


Jane Davis (Lougee)
(Mill Girl)

Jane Davis or Davies was born February 4, 1816 probably in Lowell, of unknown parentage.  Lowell Institute for Savings Bank Records show that a Jane Davis held an account there in 1833, 1834, 1838 and 1839, and she was described as first a drawer, then later as a spinner and weaver in the mills. The 1830 Census of Lowell lists Elisha Davis, Joel Davis, and the widow Mary Davis as all having daughters the right age to have been Jane.

The 1836 Female Directory of Lowell lists two Jane Davises (p. 55): one was boarding with David Davis on Jefferson Street; the other worked for the Merrimack Corporation, and boarded at House #7. According to the 1840 Census of Lowell, David Davis and his wife were born 1780-1790, the right age to have been Jane's parents, so that is another possibility for her parentage.

Jane married Darius Lougee as his first wife on November 24, 1839 in Lowell.  She bore one son, William, born February 27, 1842 in Lowell.  Jane Davis Lougee died less than a month later, on April 15, 1842 in Lowell and was buried two days later by St. Anne's Episcopal Church.  Her baby William then died from diarrhea on September 4, 1842, also in Lowell, and he too was buried by St. Anne's. Note that it is quite possible that Jane Davis Lougee never joined the LDS Church, as I have found one family history that indicated her husband Darius was not baptized LDS until six days after William's death, on September 10, 1842. However, women often joined the LDS Church first, followed by their husbands after some length of time, so it is possible she had joined before her death.

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