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Elvira Wallingford Hildreth


Elvira Wallingford Hildreth (Silver)

Elvira was born about 1800-1806 in New Hampshire (probably Hopkinton) to Levi Hildreth and Sarah (or Nancy) Darling/Derling. Elvira married James Buswell Silver about 1817. He was born in 1792 to Samuel Silver and Abigail Buswell.

Elvira and James had four children:

  1. Frederick Augustus Silver (born February 24, 1824; md. Jane M. _______)
  2. Elizabeth Darling Silver (born October 19, 1827)
  3. James Buswell Silver (born August 2, 1830)
  4. Ellen Hildreth Silver (born May 8, 1833)
  5. Henry Hildreth Silver (born October 15, 1834)

James Buswell Silver died on December 25, 1835. To support her family, Elvira then went to work in the Lowell mills with her niece (by marriage) Harriet Atwood Silver.  There is only little evidence she also became a Mormon with her niece and apparently did not remain long with the church. According the the Lowell 1840 Census (p. 117), Elvira Silver is listed with her children, plus about 10 young women, indicating she was running a boarding house for mill girls by then. This is confirmed in the Lowell 1850 Census (p. 110), when she was working as the head of a boarding house for mill workers, both male and female. Her son Frederick and his wife Jane M. were living in the house with her. After 1850, Elvira disappears from records.

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