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Angeline Lovett


Angeline Morgan Lovett (Kittleman)

Angeline was born about 1828 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, the youngest child of Thomas Lovett and Mary Morgan, and younger sister of Catherine Augusta Lovett. Chelmsford (pronounced Tchemsford, not Kelmsford) is a suburb south of Lowell. She and her sister joined the LDS Church about 1845 in Lowell. While Catherine then traveled to Utah overland, Angeline went with Samuel Brannan on the Brooklyn to San Francisco. There, Elder Brannan married her to Thomas Kittleman in San Francisco on December 19, 1847. Kittleman had come on the Brooklyn with his brothers and parents from Chester County, Pennsylvania, and may have been Quakers. Thomas was a millwright by trade but Brannan appointed him the first Constable of San Francisco in early 1848. Angeline was a school teacher and started the first English-speaking school in California, using part of the abandoned Mission Dolores as a school house.

They apparently left California for Utah in the fall of 1848, instead of when most of the Kittleman family migrated to Utah with the Gold Train, in the Thomas Rhoades Company of 1849. However, there is no record of Angeline and Thomas in Utah and they stayed in Utah only about one year. (Note that Thomas' father, John Kittleman, stayed in California and moved to Santa Cruz about 1850 where he died in 1857.) By January 1850, Thomas and Angeline were back in California for the birth of their first child, Mary A. Kittleman. About 1852-4 the family moved back to Thomas Kittlman's birthplace, Chester County, Pennsylvania, where they raised the rest of their family, apparently having abandoned Mormonism. (Note that two other Brooklyn passengers from Chester County, PA, Solomon and Amos W. McCue, also left the LDS Church and returned to Chester County in 1852. It is likely the Kittleman's returned with them to Pennsylvania. In fact, for the 1860 Census, Solomon McCue - listed as "Almon McQue" - was living with Angeline and her family in West Goshen, PA.) Thomas Kittleman also became a successful farmer there in West Goshen, Chester County and then died there between 1860 and 1870. The widowed Angeline then depended on three domestic servants (one young man and two young women, all of Irish descent) to help her raise her three daughters:

    1. Mary E. Kittleman (born November 1850 in California)
    2. Anna A. Kittleman (born December 1856 in Pennsylvania; married Lewis Hayden about 1877)
    3. Josephine Kittleman (born about 1858 in Pennsylvania; married Francis F. Warrington about 1879)

Angeline M. Lovett Kittleman died about 1876 in West Goshen, Pennsylvania, which is when her will was filed for probate. After Anna Kittleman married about 1877, her unmarried sister Mary (a dressmaker) then lived with Anna and her husband, while Josephine also married. Josephine Kittleman Warrington then must have died about 1884-5, for her husband remarried in 1886. Mary E. Kittleman remained unmarried throughout her life.

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